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human resources meets inbound marketing

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Attract candidates to your talent pool with attraction recruiting methods from Jül.
Engage future hires with attraction recruiting methods from Jül.
Attraction recruiting methods from Jül include nurturing future candidates.
Attraction recruiting methods from Jül lead to better hiring.

Attraction recruiting is a methodology that attracts, engages, and nurtures top talent for your company. 

Attraction Recruiting expands past inbound recruiting. It enables your talent acquisition team with the processes and tools they need to measure engagement and nurture top talent throughout the hiring process. 

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How Attraction Recriuiting from Jül works.

73% of candidates start with a Google search when looking for new jobs. (Career Builder, 2015) Attract job seekers, even passive seekers simply looking to educate themselves, using inbound methods. 

  • Attract job seekers.
  • Engage top talent.
  • Convert applicants.
  • Nurture top recruits.
  • Measure engagement.

The tactics for attraction recruiting include strategy for inbound recruitment marketing, content creation, educating, and measuring data - the inbound methodology, built for recruiting top talent. Trending Up's team then coaches your recruitment team on nurturing the top recruits so that when you make a job offer, they're more likely to accept. 

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Jül helps you meet your recruiting challenges.

Difficulty Sourcing Candidates
Attraction recruiting fills the talent pipeline by bringing these job seekers directly to your site for knowledge.

High Cost-Per-Hire, Slow Time-to-Hire
Attraction recruiting helps lower costs by keeping your recruitment pipeline full for high-priority, repeated positions.

Measure and Keep Engagement
Attraction recruiting enables your recruiters to keep candidates engaged throughout the process. Candidates want to hear from you; 59% want to hear whenever you have an update. 36% want to hear from you even if you don't have news. (
LinkedIn, 2015).

The attraction recruiting method nurtures candidates with continued communication and education.

The data and insights that were made available through our client's use of attraction recruiting methods made the recruitment process so much faster. The hiring manager could gauge the candidates' interest based on true, measurable data and therefore make a decision based on a combination of the candidate's experience AND engagement metrics. In my opinion, it makes for a happy hiring manager and a happy new hire.

Barb S., Talent Acquisition Consultant
Titus Talent

Using attraction recruiting, our team utilizes inbound methods (which we were already using for marketing our company) to attract the right candidates into our talent pool. Then when we're ready to hire, I can see who the most engaged candidates are. Combined with their background, that engagement data is a great indicator of future success at our company.

Benjamin E., President and CEO
Trending Up