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eBook: Building a Marketing Strategy that Empowers Your MFG Company's Website


Using content on your manufacturing company’s website builds thought leadership, helps you explain your complicated widget/products, attracts your ideal customers and (possibly most important to you) drives sales.

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TU - Resources - ROI

Spreadsheet Calculator: Digital Marketing ROI Calculator


Want to know if your marketing investment is working? Calculate the ROI of your digital marketing with this easy-to-use spreadsheet. Start to fully understand (and report on) the marketing efforts of your manufacturing business.


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TU - Resources - B2B Secrets

eBook: The Insider's Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing Secrets Revealed


Can you measure the ROI of your traditional marketing? We say hell yes you can!... when you use inbound methods (and these tips) to transform the outbound marketing tactics you've already been using for your manufacturing business.


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TU - Resources - outbound

Spreadsheet Calculator: Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing


What's the return on investment for the cold calls you're making, the advertising you're spending on, or the content marketing you're doing?  How do those numbers compare to the investment required for inbound? Bet you'll be surprised by the results!


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TU - Resources - FMA

Free Service: Personalized Marketing Analysis Video


Jenna, or Director of Sales and Marketing, will check out your website to see how/if it is working to bring you in the qualified leads that your manufacturing business deserves and simply email you a personalized video response... NO CONVO NEEDED!

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TU - Resources - targeted

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Highly Targeted B2B Marketing


When it comes to B2B marketing your manufacturing business, Targeted marketing is the best way to reach your ideal customer. But how do you do this well, and how do you gauge success?  Well, read this eBook and find that out (and more)!

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TU - Resources - spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Calculator: Social Media Advertising ROI


What is the ROI of your Pay-Per-Click Campaign? How much money should you spend per day on social media advertising to reach your lead generation goals? Well here, figure it out.




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TU - Resources - Consider

eBook & Checklist: What to Consider When Hiring a Digital Agency


There are so many types of marketing agencies out there; How do you choose the one that is best for your business' success? Our guide explains some differences, recommends questions to ask yourself and an agency you're considering (even if it's us!).


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TU - Resources - 1on1

Consultation: One-on-One Marketing Consultation


In a 30 minute consultation, Jenna (our Director of Sales and Marketing) will cover:

  • What your current marketing & sales goals are
  • How your current website and process are working
  • Whether or not a strategy from Trending Up could be a good fit

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Need Some Trade Show Help?


Head over to our trade show page to learn more about how we can maximize your trade show experience!

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