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Marketing and Sale Blueprint - Booklet v2


This proven, repeatable strategy is the result of your Discovery Workshop. So, it is completely tailored to your company and, more importantly, your ideal customer!

The Discovery Workshop and Customized Sales & Marketing Blueprint (your strategy) come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee cause we are confident that you are going to find them beneficial to your company's growth!

The Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint is a detailed plan for building your manufacturing company's complete digital marketing strategy. 


  • The blueprint provides everything you need—tools, strategies, metrics, and content titles—to execute an inbound marketing campaign from top (attracting prospects) to bottom (closing customers).
  • The blueprint maps out a 3-6 month content strategy around the three primary pain points that your prospects are facing, which means every title is relevant to your prospects.

The blueprint jumpstarts your inbound marketing machine and, as the engine runs, provides actionable data to turbocharge your inbound marketing efforts.

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There's not even a need for a conversation...

We just email you a FREE MARKETING ANALYSIS!


Jenna, our Director of Sales and Marketing, will check out your website, digital marketing, the Buyer's Journey that your potential clients go through, AND offer some initial thoughts and recommendations in a personalized video analysis

After that, the ball is in your court.  We would be happy to continue the conversation - possibly even help you build a full marketing strategy, or you can take our thoughts and be on your merry way.

Simply fill out the form and we will get to work!

Marketing Your Manufacturing Business Should Be About ROI. PERIOD.RELEVANT BLOG:

Marketing Your Manufacturing Business Should Be About ROI. PERIOD.


If you’re looking at marketing as money that disappears in the name of “building brand identity”, you’re doing it wrong. You need a strategy that incorporates inbound marketing. Not only is it measurable (in a way that no billboard or radio ad ever could be), it’s also much, much more cost-effective. 

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82% of marketers who blog consistently see  positive ROI from their inbound efforts

ROI Calculator - Black PadKnow the ROI of your current marketing spend?


CALCULATE THE ROI OF YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING with this easy-to-use spreadsheet. Gain the confidence to know, and be able to report on, the marketing efforts of your manufacturing business. 

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