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Website Design and Development with a Strategy

Redesigning your business's website and online presence can be a daunting task. Whether you're exploring a complete rebrand, a new website development, or an added product, you're looking at a huge commitment from your team's time as well as a large financial commitment. 

That's where the team at Trending Up comes in.

Focus on Results First.

The purpose of your website should be to drive quality leads to your business. The purpose of your career center should be to drive qualified candidates to your workforce.

Treating your website redesign like a brochure to hand out is a waste of your resources. Instead, look at your website redesign as a chance to create a lead generating machine.

Using design principles that showcase your business's solutions and encourage visitors to convert to leads while they're researching purchase options is what we do. We create customizable designs that make your business stand out from the crowd. We utilize clean coding and create websites that are functional, attractive and optimized for search engines.

How the Website Process Works

  • The first thing we'll do is help you define your target audiences. After all, the website is built for them. 
  • Next, we'll conduct a website audit on your current site and its content. This helps us to identify where you're doing well, and where you need improvement.
  • Finally, we'll present a strategic solution for your website design that creates a clear conversion path for your ideal buyers throughout your site.

Additional Site Features

Since we're experts in digital presence and inbound marketing, we stay on top of changing requirements to get your site the best results possible. That includes a number of best practices that we implement through the process:

  • Responsive design, an approach to web design aimed at providing an optimal interactive and viewing experience across a broad range of devices. 
  • Search engine optimization, focusing on both content and overall design modifications meant to optimize search engine results.
  • Fluid architecture, leading to usability and consistent design across all devices.
  • Buyer-centric design that prompts conversions from your ideal prospects.

We roll all of this into a website graphic design package that accurately represents your business and brand. We design websites for your target audience and spend time getting to know your business to allow us to maximize the website’s impact for your audience. At project’s completion, we deliver a highly customized, professional, targeted website that raises the bar for your brand’s image.

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Each digital tactic we recommend is tied into an overall strategy - one that's specifically designed to meet your growth goals.

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