The Most Successful Inbound Marketing & Sales Strategy. Ever.

This is the strategy you've been looking for to give you the results you want:
the Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint. 


Hear from our client PACE Equity on how the Blueprint strategy is working for them:

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Inbound marketing and inbound sales can deliver lasting results. But even experienced marketers can be overwhelmed when it comes to creating an effective marketing plan. We'll work together to build your strategy – starting with your customized inbound marketing blueprint. 

This 28-page documented blueprint outlines, step by step, what is needed to meet your sales and marketing or recruitment goals.  

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Attracting Website Visitors

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Closing Customers

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The Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint is a detailed design for building your organization's complete digital marketing strategy. 

  • The blueprint provides everything you need—tools, strategies, metrics, and content titles—to execute an inbound marketing campaign from top (attracting prospects) to bottom (closing customers).
  • The blueprint maps out a 3-6 month content strategy around the three primary pain points that your prospects are facing, based on interviews we do with them, which means every title is relevant to your prospects.

The blueprint jumpstarts your inbound marketing machine and, as the engine runs, provides actionable data to turbocharge your inbound marketing efforts.



Financial Institutions

Health Care Recruiting

High Volume 

B2B Industry


Buyer Personas

We'll create semi-fictional characters representing your ideal customer, based on research and real trends. These personas guide the content creation; after all, you're writing for them.

Monthly Content Plan

This plan serves as your monthly to-do list for content creation. It'll include content that appeals to your prospects at every stage in their journey and addresses their true concerns, filling your funnel with content that converts.

Nurture Workflows

We'll create custom workflows designed to guide your prospects down the sales funnel, using highly targeted content and personalized actions along the way until they're ready to speak with someone from your company.

Keyword Research

We'll do in-depth research into keywords relevant to your industry and target market. You're writing for people, but this research serves as a guide and enables you to reap SEO benefits.

Lead Generation Offers

We'll create a comprehensive list of offers – titles and summaries – that generate leads at each stage of the funnel, including eBooks, guides, and other premium content.

Lead Analysis

Here's where we put it all together. Each month you'll receive a detailed analysis of the leads that your inbound marketing has generated, along with recommendations to improve your marketing and sales machine.

The Sales & Marketing Strategy Blueprint: the Most Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy Ever.

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