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Elevating a Conveyor Manufacturer to Industry Leadership Through Strategic Marketing
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Executive Summary:

Facing the challenge of launching a new product line and establishing a marketing presence, positioning themselves as well-known, subject matter experts in the industry, this conveyor system manufacturing company partnered with Trending Up Strategy.

Some of their primary goals included: 
  • develop a lead-generating website 
  • improve market strategy for complex services
  • enhance Google search rankings
  • generate qualified leads resulting in increased sales for specific product lines 
  • being recognized as industry leaders, enabling market growth. 

Trending Up Strategy addressed these challenges with a comprehensive suite of services in a long-term partnership, including content marketing (eBooks, blogs, videos, emails), SEO, website development, and HubSpot management.

Some of the most notable growth metrics include:
  • 300%+ increase in monthly web traffic, 50% of which are organic searches 
  • organic means unpaid search results, people who find a company by inputting different keywords into Google or other search engines
  • 56%+ of all qualified leads are generated organically, before working with us this metric was below 3%
  • Over $3MM in direct sales from our marketing strategy
  • Page 1 Google rankings of hundreds of keywords
  • 25,000 views on the educational blog we created

About the Client:

This conveyor system manufacturing company specializes in providing innovative and unique conveyor solutions. Known for their customizable systems, exceptional customer service, industry-leading turnaround times, and dependability, they aim to be recognized as subject matter experts in their niche. Their products and services cater to a diverse range of industries but the true value lies with their ability to solve difficult bottlenecks and challenges on an assembly line.

Challenges and Objectives:

Prior to collaborating with Trending Up Strategy, the company faced several challenges. They were on the brink of launching a new service line under a distinct brand and sought an effective go-to-market strategy. The complexity of their services demanded a nuanced marketing approach to not only enhance their visibility in Google searches but also to generate qualified leads for their sales team and teach their target market about the solution they were introducing to the market. Additionally, they aspired to be seen as subject matter experts within their industry. 

Their objectives were clear:
  • Launch a successful go-to-market strategy for the new service line
  • Improve Google search rankings for their equipment and services
  • Generate qualified leads for the sales team
  • Establish the company as an industry Subject Matter Expert

How We Helped:

Trending Up Strategy crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the client's unique needs. This included a monthly content execution retainer, website development, HubSpot management, video development, copywriting, trade show assistance, and paid media buying.

online content icon 2 Our approach focused on enhancing their online presence, creating high-value content that positioned them as industry experts, and leveraging HubSpot's powerful tools for lead generation and management. Through targeted SEO practices, we significantly improved their Google rankings, making them more visible to potential customers. Our concerted efforts in content creation and digital marketing not only amplified their web traffic but also established a robust pipeline of organic leads.



The partnership with Trending Up Strategy yielded remarkable results:
  • Monthly web traffic soared by over 300%, significantly expanding the company's online visibility.
  • Organic leads grew to represent over 56% of all qualified leads, marking a dramatic shift from almost zero organic lead generation prior to our marketing program.
  • Direct sales sourced from our marketing strategies exceeded $3 million, demonstrating the tangible impact of our efforts.
  • The generation of over 1,200 organic leads through our services solidified the company's position as a leader in their industry.

Future Plans:

Building on this success, this conveyor system manufacturing company plans to expand its product line and explore new markets. With Trending Up Strategy by their side, they are poised to leverage their established expertise and market presence to capture additional market share and continue their trajectory of growth.

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