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Technical Writers for the following manufacturing specialties:

MFG Industries


About Trending Up Strategy

For over ten years Trending Up Strategy has helped manufacturers that sell complex widgets and services with marketing and sales automation to attract their target audience.  Our expertise-based marketing strategies are designed to attract and build trust with the engineers and highly technical audiences they desire.

We are based in Atlanta, GA but currently serve the manufacturing industry across the USA and Europe.  We take pride in working with amazing innovative companies and making sure they are discovered by their target and peripheral audiences.  


Information & Expectations: 

We are looking for technical writers for the manufacturing industry.  We hire one (or a few) writers for each of our client accounts.  We are looking for writers with technical knowledge who are willing to put in the research time and writers who can ask the right questions.  All of our content is educationally based.  We are looking to attract target personas to our client's websites.  You will be provided with persona information, messaging/voice standards, and sample pieces to review.  Writers are typically with us for years working on an account and we rely on consistency and ability to hit due dates from our writers.  We work with each writer to find a good fit for learning about the client and the frequency of writing.  We understand there is a learning curve when you are starting off on an account.           

Our typical engagement with our contracted writers is as follows: 
  • We provide the content title & keywords to use for a given content piece (eBook, blog, email). We will provide any information that we already have on the topic.  
  • Next, we ask the writer to submit questions to the Subject Matter Expert (SME).  The SME is typically an engineer/scientist or a person within our client's company who has technical knowledge.  
  • Our internal strategist on the account typically runs the interview with the SME.  Once you have written a few pieces for the client, we are willing to introduce the writers and allow writers to conduct interviews (if you want).  If you prefer, Trending Up Strategy will conduct the interviews and send you the complete recording of the call, or the written responses to your questions.  
  • The writer has an option to submit a detailed outline (typically the first few content pieces, the writers like to have us review an outline to ensure they are focused on the right points) or write the piece and submit it to Trending Up.  
  • Trending Up will edit the piece (with a technical editor in-house who knows the client well).  
  • Trending Up will request the writer to review the edits from our in-house editor and then Trending Up will submit the piece to the client. 
  • The client reviews and submits changes for the writer to apply.
  • Trending Up takes it from there! 


How we assemble the content titles & research information: 

  • Each of our strategies are built around one persona (let's say an application engineer).  We conduct a Discovery Workshop for each clients and deep dive into the persona and the persona's pain points (we call these triggers).  
  • Then we dive into the top three triggers for that given persona. 
  • So we have 1 strategy built around 1 persona and to break down the strategy there are 3 campaign (created from the top three triggers).  In each campaign we have the following content needs:
    • 1 eBook (or premium offer piece like a whitepaper/checklist)
    • 8 blogs 
    • 2-4 follow-up emails 
    • 1 video script 
    • 1 anchor page content 
    • sometime we include infographics as well.
Our execution timeline is typically 1 campaign a month.  Sometime we have multiple writers to fill our needs and sometimes a writer is able to execute all the writing needs for a client account.  We are flexible but like to know what your fulfillment abilities are prior to starting.



We use Basecamp, the project management software to keep track of every project & the timeline.  This is our primary resource communication. We prefer writers to use google documents to submit content so we can edit and review in real time. 



We typically pay 50% up front and 50% upon completion of a campaign.  The first 3 content piece we pay for one piece at a time so we both fully believe there is a fit between you and the client's account.