[Webinar] Attraction Recruiting for Diverse Candidates

This April 26th webinar led by Kobena-Marcus J. Collins, leader in the diversity recruitment space, discusses how the concept of recruitment marketing aligns when recruiting diverse candidates.

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[Webinar] Toolkit for the Modern Sales Process

Join us on Tuesday, June 13th at 2 p.m. CST to learn about the tools the modern salesperson needs to proactively change to meet today's modern buyers. This is a 45-minute webinar.

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2016 State of Inbound [eBook]

Every year, HubSpot surveys thousands of the world’s foremost marketers and salespeople. The most recent version of the State of Inbound looks to the future of marketing and sales.

State of Inbound 2016 - v3 - CTA.jpg

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The Insider's Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing: Secrets Revealed

Can you measure the ROI of your traditional marketing? We say yes, when you use inbound methods to transform your outbound marketing with these tips.

Insiders Guide B2B - Book Cover.png

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The Ultimate Guide to Highly Targeted B2B Marketing [White Paper]

Targeted marketing is the best way to reach your ideal prospects. But how do you do this well in your B2B marketing? And how do you gauge success? Read this ebook for these answers and more.

Ultimate Guide to Highly Targeted B2B Marketing - Book Cover.png

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Outbound Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing

What's the return on the cold calls you're making, the advertising you're spending on, or the content marketing you're doing? Our guess: you'll be surprised by the results. 

Outbound vs Inbound Calculator

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Traditional Recruiting is Broken - & How To Fix It [EBOOK]

Reactionary recruiting and a miriad of other problems inviltrating TA teams today have highlighted the truth: traditional recruiting practices aren't working anymore. Read to learn:

  • Problems we're facing
  • Why the current options aren't working
  • What candidates think


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[CASE STUDY] Local Niche Builder Improves Lead Follow-up, Increases Leads by 396%

This case study focuses on how Strong Blocks addressed their unique business needs using an inbound strategy with a lead nurturing strategy. 


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[INFOGRAPHIC] Marketing Spend vs. Marketing Investment 

When you think of marketing as an investment versus a spend...

  • Your goals are different
  • Measuring success is different
  • The way you think is different

Click for an infographic on marketing spend versus marketing investment.

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[CALCULATOR] Social Media Advertising ROI

How much money should you spend per day on social media advertising to reach your lead generation goals? Find out with our ROI calculator.

Download here: Free Social Media Advertising ROI Calculator

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[GUIDE] What to Consider When Hiring a Digital Agency

There are so many types of marketing agencies out there; how do you choose the one for your business's success? Our guide explains some differences and recommends questions to ask yourself and an agency you're considering.

What to Consider When Hiring a Digital Agency 

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Digital Marketing ROI Calculator [SPREADSHEET]

Do you know where your money is going, and what its results are? Calculate the ROI of your digital marketing with this easy-to-use spreadsheet.


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Smart Marketing for Manufacturing 
[White Paper]

This white paper summarizes the inbound marketing formula and how to implement it for your manufacturing company.

Smart Marketing for Manufacturing ebook

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[Infographic] Why Specialized Construction Needs Specialized Marketing

Marketing to groups of construction professionals is your job as a marketer - so you need a marketing strategy perfectly-built fit to reach this audience

Click for an infographic on specialized marketing for specialized construction companies.

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[CASE STUDY] Global Manufacturing Company Increases Qualified Leads

 In this case study, learn about Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies and how their critical businesses were met with inbound marketing with Trending Up.

Download the case study for Viking Masek.

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Quick Guide: What is Inbound Smarketing?

It's a question we get often - but it also resonates the best with our prospective clients. Smarketing is an aligned team made up of sales and marketing - smarketing. Learn more here.

What is Smarketing - CTA.jpg

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Get a tailored, customized sales and marketing strategy for your business to help you meet your growth goals. Find out more.

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