Bruce Geiger

Bruce is a marketing strategist at Trending Up. For a guy who lived on a dairy farm until he was six, he’s followed an interesting path. After getting an MBA in marketing, he started as an agency account supervisor and copywriter. He went on to lead a variety of marketing and communication functions in several large insurance companies and banks. As a writer, he’s passionate about being clear, concise, and conversational, especially when writing about inherently complex topics like banking, investments, and insurance. Otherwise, when pressed, he can also play blistering blues on his 1969 Les Paul Custom.

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What Does Allocating Marketing ROI Have in Common with Duck Hunting?

A fair amount, as it turns out. But, we’ll get to that a bit later. Having believable ROI calculations is directly related to how successful you’re likely to be when it’s time for you to ask for more budget and more resources.

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