Jenna Orrock

Jenna Orrock is a co-founder of Trending Up Strategy. Her driving passion is to help Manufacturing Businesses become better at sales, marketing, and smart business growth. Working with innovative business owners and engineers to attract their target audience to them is the best part of the job. Jenna's entrepreneurial spirit and adrenaline-filled personality fuel her success as Director of Sales and Marketing at Trending Up. She bleeds green and gold during football season, loves to travel, raft, fish, snowboard & hunt. In addition, she is often found delighting her friends and family with her culinary skills.

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How To Align Your Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Teams In 5 Steps

SMarketing, sales and marketing alignment, is critical to your manufacturing organization’s success. Both teams are responsible for your company’s growth and success. Both can now be held accountable for their contributions to revenue, and the gap...

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Jenna practicing rifle shooting.

Building Website Traffic Without Forms is Like Hunting Without Bullets

As firearm hunting season in Wisconsin draws to a close this year, it’s got me thinking about all the preparation that goes into our hunt each year....

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7 Website Tips for Successful Hunting Sales Pros to Increase Time-in-Stand

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year in Wisconsin. And if you think it’s just because of the return of the Starbucks red cup, PSL, and holiday...

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Bow Hunters are Natural Inbound Sellers: Here's Why

Bow season is in high gear here in the midwest. The rut, the time of year when deer are most active, is in full swing, and bow hunters are scouting...

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Prospects have demands - are you meeting them?

How PACK EXPO Manufacturers Should Leverage A Highly Targeted Marketing Strategy

Your manufacturing business has a very specific audience. Perhaps your industry is incredibly specialized, and you only create your product for one...

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Don’t Get Caught in the Weeds: Strategize Your B2B Marketing Plan

Fishing, for many like myself, is a hobby I’m passionate about. Early morning sunrises on the lake, the perfect harmony of pole, lure, and clear...

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Convert More Automated Manufacturing Systems Leads With Your Website

B2B marketers know that marketing a complex product like an automated manufacturing system - whether it’s integrating already-built solutions,...

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How Can Buyer Personas Improve My Business?

When you're creating your marketing materials, do you know for whom you are creating them? Your audience should be a defined group - or groups - of...

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B2B Brands Blast Off With YouTube: Tips for Manufacturing Marketing Using Video

YouTube isn’t just for funny footage of cats. The video platform is the #2 biggest search engine in the world, just behind Google (which owns it!) It...

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How Much Does It Cost You To Find A Customer?

The value each customer contributes to your bottom line is directly related to the cost of customer acquisition, or COCA. Yet, many businesses launch...

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