Bow Hunters are Natural Inbound Sellers: Here's Why

Bow season is in high gear here in the midwest. The rut, the time of year when deer are most active, is in full swing, and bow hunters are scouting the woods for antler rubs, trail signs, and that elusive twelve-pointer (or sixteen-pointer!). Right now is the time when companies are setting their budgets for 2017. They’re most actively searching for solutions that fit their needs. Businesses with an inbound sales strategy have an advantage.

For salespeople who are also bow hunters, the inbound sales process comes naturally. 
Don’t get skunked this year. Utilizing the same habits and tactics for sales as you do for your hobby sets you up for success - for that trophy buck and that trophy sale.




inbound-marketing-selling.jpgKnowledge of the Target


When you’re bow hunting, your success comes from your knowledge of the deer, their patterns, their sounds, the signs they leave, and an understanding of what motivates them.

In the sales world, that same knowledge sets you up for success. Targeting an audience based on your ideal customer - your buyer persona - allows you to focus your efforts for maximum profits. Knowing your target buyer means understanding:

  • Who they are: their role, industry, geographic location and other demographic information
  • Where they hang out online: which websites they frequent to learn industry knowledge and which social channels they utilize
  • What their business challenges are
  • What their business goals are
  • How to help them





Hunters are known for their patience in waiting for their prey. Bow hunters are patient when scouting, tracking, and shooting. You must wait until the deer is in the right spot before you take aim at your target.

Inbound sellers require patience, too. Using educational selling techniques, they keep in contact with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, only asking for the sale when the buyer is ready to make a decision. This strategy leads to more closed sales.



Follow Up


Track your leads like you track a buck. Using a marketing automation system with a CRM, you’re able to see the path your lead has taken on your website. The data from your lead, just like the signs left by the trophy buck, guide your next steps.

Following up within minutes with a lead who is engaging with your site and your content is a powerful opportunity. 


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