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Why Accountable Manufacturing Marketing Requires An Inbound Approach

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from business leaders and CEOs about marketing is the inability to draw a direct line from any one marketing line item to a lead or closed sale. Part of the reason for this frustration is because, in the past,...

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Convert More Automated Manufacturing Systems Leads With Your Website

B2B marketers know that marketing a complex product like an automated manufacturing system - whether it’s integrating already-built solutions,...

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What Does Allocating Marketing ROI Have in Common with Duck Hunting?

A fair amount, as it turns out. But, we’ll get to that a bit later. Having believable ROI calculations is directly related to how successful you’re...

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Myth #3: Manufacturers Don't Need YouTube Videos on Their Website

Myth Debunked: As the #1 content marketing tactic for manufacturers, 87% of manufacturing brands create videos and put them on their website and...

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How Can Buyer Personas Improve My Business?

When you're creating your marketing materials, do you know for whom you are creating them? Your audience should be a defined group - or groups - of...

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Inside Out: The Emotions of Implementing Inbound Marketing

The thought of writing this post initially left me with a mild panic attack. After all, my audience consists of marketers, yes - but it also consists...

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Trade Shows Are Showrooms for Your Website

As I sat down to write this post, I immediately dove into researching statistics, articles, and trends about maximizing success at trade shows. About...

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The Nuts and Bolts of Lead Generation for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry contributes $2.09 trillion to the economy, so it is no surprise U.S. manufacturers are the most productive in the world....

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B2B Brands Blast Off With YouTube: Tips for Manufacturing Marketing Using Video

YouTube isn’t just for funny footage of cats. The video platform is the #2 biggest search engine in the world, just behind Google (which owns it!) It...

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How Much Does It Cost You To Find A Customer?

The value each customer contributes to your bottom line is directly related to the cost of customer acquisition, or COCA. Yet, many businesses launch...

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