The Nuts and Bolts of Lead Generation for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry contributes $2.09 trillion to the economy,  so it is no surprise U.S. manufacturers are the most productive in the world. While this figure has steadily risen since 2009, a vast majority of companies still continue to struggle with generating qualified leads.1 Why?

The short answer is a “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Blanket statements and off-Jul-Creative-manufacturing-marketing.jpgthe-shelf options are no longer acceptable, as clients today expect customized solutions to meet their individual needs. Your next prospective client is probably on the Internet right now researching which manufacturer is going to be just that for them.

In fact, an estimated 57% of a prospect’s purchasing decision is complete before their first contact with a supplier.2 Considering everybody and their brother has a website, blog or is on social media, inbound marketing for manufacturers is more important than ever! But there is more to it than simply having an online presence. You need to support your efforts for marketing to manufacturers by strategically tailoring your message during each stage in your prospect’s journey toward buying your product or service.

The nuts and bolts of it is, the buyer’s journey is essentially a three-stage process that a prospect goes through when leading up to a purchase:


Buyers_Journey - infographics and offers


The content or messaging you provide during each stage must be relevant to your prospect at that specific time to help qualify them while they move down the path from awareness and consideration into making the decision to buy.

The use of keywords and relevant terms plays a major role in inbound marketing to position your company above the competition during each stage of the buyer’s journey. These phrases can help convert qualified manufacturing leads into customers faster when they are paired with a call to action that provides relief to the prospect’s pain points. Notably, leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%.3

This strategic approach to target marketing for manufacturers not only helps improve viability, it elevates your brand above the competition because you are connecting with prospects in a way that speaks Jul-Creative-Digital-Marketing-Manufacturers.jpgdirectly to them. What’s more, you are also increasing awareness of your brand and positioning your company as a thought leader, which can be very influential in increased submissions during RFP (request for proposal) processes and when making purchasing decisions.


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