Specialized Construction Marketing Plan Pt. 4: Drive Profits

This is the final part of our 4-part series on specialized construction marketing plans. Particularly when it comes to content marketing, you have 4 steps to see success:

Step 1: Create a Defined Strategy.

Step 2: Write and Publish Lead-Generating Content.

Step 3: Attract & Retain a Defined Audience.

The last goal of a strategic content marketing plan is biggest: drive profits.



Step 4: Drive Profitable Consumer Action





This isn’t accomplished just through marketing; it’s a combined sales and marketing goal. But content can help to both attract qualified leads and close sales, driving profits up. After all, that's the whole reason your business is a business, and not a charity.

A better mix of content addressing the research and decision-making stages is important. 83% of surveyed B2B buyers said that content that builds a business case or shows clear ROI for the purchase is somewhat or very important in the buying process, according to DemandGen. This holds true for homeowners, as well, since many of today’s buyers are millennials and they’re focused on their own budgets, timelines, and needs. You should be, as well.

If strategic marketing plan that builds on audience research, plans out relevant content and distribution, and helps drive profits based on what consumers are looking for sounds like a solution for your business, Trending Up’s team can help. Learn more here.


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