Why Your Manufacturing Company's Website Needs Premium Content Guarded by Forms

eBook guarded by FormA B2B marketing strategy for a manufacturing business HAS to utilize premium content such as eBooks! It allows your website to become your #1 salesperson, all while providing the exact knowledge about your service or product that you want to be sharing.


If your manufacturing company’s website isn’t utilizing premium content guarded by forms, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON POTENTIAL QUALIFIED LEADS! I can break this down to two main reasons to jump on board:


1. eBooks allow you to share valuable industry info with potential customers


You're empowering your prospects - the buyer who is searching online for answers - to learn more about your solution or product in a low-pressure way. More than likely, as a specialized manufacturing company, you are selling a complex system or widget that takes some explaining. So, you are able to explain YOUR specific solution, and you’re teaching them in general about your industry, product or service – building trust with them so you can eventually make the sale.



Establish industry knowledge leadership


As you provide industry knowledge specific to the issue they're researching, you naturally establish yourself as an industry knowledge leader. Becoming this “thought leader” is an incredibly valuable position for you to be in as you build a relationship with them.


Once you're established as an industry knowledge leader, high-value content such as eBooks continue to promote trust. Now that you have collected the prospect’s contact information (we’ll cover this in the second point below), you can share additional content via email, directly to the now qualified lead - nurturing the prospect with additional automated, relevant content. A well-timed eBook that provides the relevant information for the prospects placement in the buyer’s journey builds the trust relationship you'll need to close a sale.


I know… you’re sold already! BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!


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2. The forms they are guarded by collect information prior to a sales call


A prospect filling out a form on your site is letting you know that they're currently researching a problem and it is giving you their contact information to get additional, related information. Those two things alone are well-worth the time and money spent to research and publish a high-value piece.



Collect Information Prior to a Sales Call and Gain permission to share information


Downloadable pieces that are valuable to a prospective buyer, are housed on your website, and live behind a download form. Those three factors are the trifecta of awesomeness that creates sales. In exchange for the downloadable eBook, they're giving you their name, contact medium, pain points, and other information about their sales process.


When you go to make that first discovery call, you already know about the research they've been doing on your site. It makes you look experienced while saving them time - what's that worth to you?


Your 24/7 sales research assistant, your website, will be gathering contacts for you while you sleep. You can literally prospect overnight with a well-done, downloadable piece of premium content.


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