Inbound vs Outbound is like Low and Slow Cooked Pork vs the McRib

There’s a ton of reasons to swing into the drive-thru and grab yourself a quick bite of a seasonal McRib sandwich. You’re thinking about the "right now"… the fact that you didn’t plan for your meal and that you want to fulfill your immediate goal of food in your belly. But, think about this… what do you actually prefer?  The fast food or a slow cooked, juicy, healthy, delicious pork tenderloin?  If you are willing to invest a little bit more, including time, into what was going into your face, you could have been able to be dining on some delish healthy option. Also, the food would be much more beneficial to you in the long run and I guarantee – much more worth the investment.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. Many CEO’s of manufacturing companies are seeking out instant results when it comes to marketing their manufacturing companies. That is why many find themselves gravitating towards outbound marketing methods (newspaper ads, mailers, radio, press releases, etc.). But, as a savvy CEO, I think you will see that investing in marketing for your manufacturing company should be something that you are willing to invest the money and TIME on because solid marketing efforts are a low and slow process, not a process that should resemble an individually wrapped, reheated, heartburn bomb.


Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead conversion than outbound



So, Set Your Website to 250°


The fact is that the most effective automated marketing and sales funnel you have is your website (partnered with an email system and a CRM/Database). That is why you need to treat that thing like your slow cooker, set on low and slow. Because just like a slab of ribs where the meat falls right off the bone, the results will be worth the wait.


crock potI’m assuming that you, like most other manufacturing companies, gather most of your leads through avenues such as trade shows, referrals, and word of-mouth? You probably spend money on outbound marketing, but don’t really understand what the ROI is, if there is any at all? And, it’s probably near impossible for you to have success with cold calling because your product or service is too complicated to explain in such a brief conversation. Right? That is exactly why an inbound methodology is what you need!


We aren’t here to tell you to dump those other avenues. In fact, if trade shows are a big thing for you, I suggest you check out this blog to get the most out of your trade show experience. And, we have an awesome eBook that helps you get the most out of your current marketing spends. AND now you have even more reasons to check those out with trade shows going virtual and relying on digital efforts for exposure!


But, inbound (or content marketing) is all about attracting your ideal customers to your manufacturing website by providing information (content) to them that they are looking for. Using content on your manufacturing company’s website builds thought leadership, helps you promote and explain your products, attracts your ideal customers and (possibly most important to you) drives sales. I mean, that’s like the rack of ribs, some sweet potato fries and hunk of corn bread coming right out of the slow cooker on a plate.



McRib Might Not Even Be the "Cheaper" Choice


It all depends on your perspective on your marketing dollars. When it comes to that line item on your budget, if you’re looking at marketing as money that disappears in the name of “building brand identity”, you’re doing it wrong. You need a strategy that incorporates inbound marketing. Not only is it measurable (in a way that no billboard or radio ad ever could be), it’s also much, much more cost-effective. 

Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads


Especially for limited budgets, brand awareness should not be the priority. Your priority needs to be pinpointing your audience with relevant content in order to convert them to leads. Period. Here, check out this infographic illustrating what does work for your bottom line:


McRib Chart


Alright.  Now you are probably thinking - “But maybe inbound marketing is TOO slow!” or “We don’t have time to wait around for content strategy, production, and SEO build-up!”' But anyone who has made the switch to inbound marketing and inbound sales can tell you, investing your money will feel well worth it in the long-term. Those quick, instant-gratification feelings of spending/eating that McRib will have faded long before the satisfaction from investing wears off/enjoying your perfectly cooked, melt-in-your-mouth pork!


THEN... want some super secret sauce to slather that inbound marketing strategy with? Then you need to check out this blog all about Sales Enablement!


Remember…patient leaders invest in long-term results; impatient managers spend for short-term gains. Ready to learn more about how using content on your manufacturing company’s website builds thought leadership, helps you explain your complicated widget/products, attracts your ideal customers and (possibly most important to you) drives sales? Check out this eBook now…


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