Some of the Main Benefits of Content Marketing for Manufacturing Businesses

Searching for answersWe are assuming that you, like most other manufacturing companies, gather most of your leads through avenues such as trade shows, referrals, and word-of-mouth? You probably spend money on outbound marketing, but don’t really understand what the ROI is, if there is any at all? And, it’s probably near impossible for you to have success with cold calling because your product or service is too complicated to explain in such a brief conversation. Right? That is exactly why an inbound methodology for your manufacturing company is what you need – setting yourself up as an educational resource with useful content is the perfect way to explain your complicated widget or product.


We aren’t here to tell you to dump those other avenues… not like you could jump ship on word-of-mouth anyway.  In fact, if trade shows are a big thing for you, I suggest you check out this blog to get the most out of your trade show experience. And, we have an awesome eBook that helps you get the most out of your current marketing spends. But, inbound (or content marketing) is all about attracting your ideal customers to your website by providing information (content) to them that they are looking for.


Using content on your manufacturing company’s website builds thought leadership, helps you promote and explain your products, attracts your ideal customers and (possibly most important to you) drives sales.


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A couple points that we think tip the scales to a content marketing strategy for your manufacturing company:


Inbound Marketing Creates Thought Leadership


Using content on your site to answer questions that your potential customers have – ultimately being an educational resource for them – helps these visitors to your manufacturing company as a smart, forward-thinking leader in the industry. It can show that you bring trusted experience and even innovative ideas to the table.


A company blog, eBooks, and if you are super ambitious, even webinars and podcasts are awesome ways to create this thought leadership and demonstrate your industry knowledge. It is also an awesome way to show off what you have learned at your latest trade show or event.



Content Helps People Find Your Website


on the webContent that is consistent, built around a solid marketing strategy and that utilizes keywords and SEO ensures priority in search engine results. 

It’s important to remember that your content marketing strategy should focus on your customer’s needs!  Having answers to what your exact buyer personas are searching for helps your buyer persona find your site – and builds trust.   When they are able to find your site and find it useful, trust is built and you are more likely to convert these visitors to qualified leads.



Content Can Humanize Your Manufacturing Company’s Brand


Think about the people and companies that you like to work with.  There are times it is about lead times, inventory and other factors outside of the people that you have to deal with that make you want to work with them, but in most cases people want to work with good people.  Being able to show potential customers that your company and its employees are smart, nice, approachable people is a huge benefit.

Writing consistent, helpful content in the proper tone does just that – it humanizes your brand and turns you from just a company or name that sells complex widgets or products to a person with a voice that is willing to help during the education and sales process.



Did I do it?  Did I effectively sway you into the light? Are you ready for a repeatable, inbound marketing strategy? The benefits are huge - people are more likely to find your site, they’re going to find answers that they are looking for from a thought leader in the industry and they are going to grow to trust and like your company.


Want to learn more about inbound?  Check out this blog: Marketing Your Manufacturing Business Should Be About ROI. PERIOD.


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