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Inbound Marketing Strategy: A Local Home Builder Case Study

When I get started on a strategy for a client at Trending Up, the most important question I ask is "what are your goals?". Obviously, the biggest goal for a home builder (or any industry business, for that matter) is to increase profits. It's my job to put together an executable marketing strategy that will get them there. However, part of our sales process here at Trending Up is to help the client identify exact pain points they're experiencing - so by the time they sign with us and we have our first strategy meeting, they answer my question much differently. 

Strong Blocks uses an inbound strategy to increase leads and increase education.Instead of wanting to increase profits, often the new answer looks something like Strong Blocks' answer:

  • Increase leads
  • Explain our process and what we do much better on our website
  • Automate part of the education and nurturing process to free up our time for very qualified, timely leads

All of these things will enable them to increase profits - but now, I have some S.M.A.R.T. goals to work with. 

Strong Blocks is a localized, very niche home builder company in Milwaukee - but they also provide financing support and education to their ideal customers. It's a hyper-targeted market, with a more complex product to offer, and Strong Blocks was struggling to meet their market's needs online. What's more, the team at Strong Blocks was small and their time was precious; while they would have liked to, they didn't have time to spend on the phone educating potential prospects about their complex product. They needed an increase in leads who were already educated by the time they filled out a request for more information. In short, Strong Blocks needed an inbound marketing strategy complete with a robust lead nurturing strategy

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The results of the strategy speak for themselves. After implementing inbound and a lead nurturing strategy, Strong Blocks experienced a lift in sought-after keywords, a growth in overall website leads, and an increase in organic contacts attributed to the nurturing program that encouraged readers to share what they'd learned. 


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