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Why Specialized Construction Companies Need Specialized Marketing [Infographic]

Industrial construction business-to-business company marketing is a complex, two-pronged necessity for businesses today to increase lead generation.

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B2B Construction Companies: Use Lead Nurturing to Stay Top of Mind

It's not common to find marketing agencies specializing in construction, but luckily, you've come to the right place to learn more. In the past, I've talked about how industrial commercial construction company marketing is complex, so construction companies, especially those in specialized industries, need specialized marketingToday's post focuses on lead nurturing, part of the conversion-to-closing process. Need a refresher? We've created this handy infographic about the inbound process and how it works for B2B construction companies.

Lead nurturing is the next step in the process after you've attracted someone to your site and converted them into a first-time lead: they've filled out a form and given you permission to communicate more with them, but they're not quite ready to purchase. Lead nurturing is what happens between conversion to a lead and closing a sale.

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Build A Marketing Strategy Like Your Construction Site

As a builder of homes, you're an expert in your field. You follow the same steps each time you take on a new building project. Similarly, building a marketing strategy for home builders utilizes a series of steps that can be repeated for a successful project. When marketing your home builder company, build your strategy like a building a home: start with a blueprint, a solid foundation, and framing to increase your prospect list and client base.

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How To Implement Strategic Change: from Sales to Smarketing

Inbound Smarketing is a Competitive Advantage

Making the change from sales to consulting in a smarketing (sales + marketing, explained more here) way is a strategic initiative. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Why Good Strategies Fail: Lessons for the C-Suite, “88% of respondents say that executing strategic initiatives successfully will be ‘essential’ or ‘very important’ for their organizations’ competitiveness over the next three years” (p. 5).

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