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How To Define and Target Qualified Leads for Marketing and Sales

By developing content aligned to users’ needs at every step of your sales funnel, you can motivate prospects to self-qualify. This can save your sales team hundreds of hours annually, focusing your sales resources on clients who suit you best who are also ready to buy.

An effective inbound marketing strategy team will sit down with your sales and marketing teams to discover and create clear definitions for leads, marketing qualified leads, and sales qualified leads, along with defining simple ways to move buyers through the funnel from one stage to another using content on your site and a clear sales and marketing alignment.

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Why Specialized Construction Companies Need Specialized Marketing [Infographic]

Industrial construction business-to-business company marketing is a complex, two-pronged necessity for businesses today to increase lead generation.

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Prove Your Marketing’s Value: Find the Metrics That Matter to You

Listen, I get it.  You have a life, and you would prefer if it wasn’t spent totally in front of your computer screen.  At the same time, you want to make sure that you are making the right choices when it comes to your marketing efforts, and you also want to be able to show the value of your marketing and how it impacts the bottom line of your business.

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How Do Website Forms Capture My Visitors' Information?

Interactivity is crucial to inbound marketing. In a sense, every design choice in an inbound marketing campaign should be built around a desire to interact with your prospective customer. However, that’s still only one part of the story. Sometimes, it’s necessary to directly solicit data from your prospects. How?

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How To Know if B2B Inbound Marketing Fits Your Manufacturing Company

How do I know if B2B inbound marketing is a good fit for our manufacturing company? I understand where you’re coming from: after all, marketing your B2B manufacturing company is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would be doing the same things with stellar results.

Here’s our gauge for determining whether or not inbound would be a great fit for your manufacturing marketing needs. You’ll know that inbound marketing is a good fit if you’re experiencing the following at your manufacturing company:

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How to Advocate for Inbound Marketing & Win Buy-in at Your Organization

Change is hard, and driving change in marketing strategy can be even harder. Sales, marketing, product development – all these teams have something to add when it comes to customer-centered content that ignites conversions. But trying to get everyone to see that is a challenge, especially once you factor in usual tensions between sales and marketing.

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Learning to Change in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing fast – faster than any time in modern history since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line. Technology is advancing, breaking down barriers to market entry that once looked unassailable.

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Manufacturers: A Fresh Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Profits in 2016

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute released its 2015 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report. The Institute discovered that businesses are developing new, sales-focused marketing approaches – but need to find innovative ways of attaining their goals!

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Why Your Forms Aren't Converting

Forms are your interface for getting information about prospects, clarifying their expectations, and discovering how to serve them better.

Data from a form is better than ordinary feedback:

  • It helps you develop “buyer personas to improve your market segmentation;
  • It helps sales and marketing teams follow up, using their resources to best effect, we call this Smarketing;
  • It helps build trust between your enterprise and your prospect, leading to a sale.

To get visitors to fill out forms, we suggested tailoring “top of the funnel” and “bottom of the funnel” offers to their needs. There's one challenge, though: Even those who love your offer won’t always fill out your form!  

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What Is A Smart Field Form?

Quality Control Through Responsive Data Collection

Someone has come onto your website and has clicked a Call-to-Action, now they are directed to a landing page with a form that asks them information.  But what information is important to your sales team to help them talk to this prospect?  

What is this prospects persona?  You want to ask them valuable questions and get unique information.  What if this prospect has already filled out a different form?  You want to ask them new questions, right?  To do this, use smart fields.

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