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Is Your Home Builder Company Using Inefficient Methods Of Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing has its place, and can be effective. However, it is simply not as efficient or as organized as modern forms of marketing. Consider these reasons why traditional marketing is not as desirable for your custom home building/contractor company.

Traditional Marketing is Expensive:

Think about the costs of a television ad or even a yearlong spread in the Yellow Pages. The fees that you pay for these marketing solutions are only good for a short time. Once that commercial is no longer aired, or the Yellow Pages is outdated, your advertising expenditure is virtually wasted.

Not Sustainable for the Long-Term:

Customers are becoming tired of being marketed to, and this will likely only become worse.  Customers fast forward through commercials using their DVR’s and use ad-block software to keep from seeing ads online. You need to avoid being a nuisance to you potential customers.

Traditional Advertising Tactics Favor Exaggeration and Attention Grabbing:channel_4_panel187_0_bigsquare-1407506666

With the old methods of advertising, you have a short time to grab an audience’s attention. You may have to resort to attention-grabbing headlines, aggressive sales tactics, and persuasion. Is that the message you want to send?

Directory Advertisements Are Dated:

The Yellow Pages, local business guides, and even your local classifieds are simply a dated form of advertising. There is little space to provide information about your business. What if you instead, you created a blog that addressed fundamental questions of your target audience?

It is Difficult to Measure Outbound Results:

When you advertise with a billboard, for instance, it is impossible to know when you get results from that billboard. On the other hand, an eBook or article marketing campaign offers a much easier way to analyze your results.

Traditional Marketing Makes You Spread Yourself Thin:

You’ll find that with traditional marketing it is easy to fall into the trap of “one more directory” or “what about a radio ad?” Before you know it, you may have a collection of fragmented marketing campaigns in place that provide a small return on investment—costing you money AND business.