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#33DaysOfStrategy: What It Is & How It Works

Today marks the start of Trending Up's #33DaysofStrategy, a celebration (and get-the-word-out-there promotion) of our latest product, the DIY Agency-Level Marketing Plan

This is the template that agencies don't want you to have, particularly if you're a go-getting kind of marketing professional. If you're the coordinator who wants to learn everything your agency vendors know, the manager who wants to do as much in-house work as possible (even though you have a small team), or the marketing professional who just needs an organizational tool to better understand the framework of a marketing strategy, this was built for you. 

The Template Marketing Agencies Don't Want You to Have: Get It Now

About #33DaysofStrategy

Why 33? Well, during the next 33 days, we're hosting a launch special for the DIY Agency-Level Marketing Plan - you can buy it for 33% of the regular cost (that's $497 - for a $1500 value!).

But wait, there's more!bully_mays_wait_theres_more.jpg

During #33DaysofStrategy (now through June 10th, 2017), you can enter for a chance to win the DIY Agency-Level Marketing Plan for just $99. We'll choose a winner each day. Here's what you need to do to win:

  1. Enter your information in the form on this page (a 1-time entry).
  2. Follow us on any of our social media accounts on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter (a 1-time entry).
  3. Share the #33DaysofStrategy post(s) from any of our social media accounts onFacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter. Each time you share, you'll receive another entry that day. Share every day for daily chances to win!

We'll let you know if you've won via a daily email.

We're so excited about this product, we can barely contain ourselves. 

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