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The Top 3 Tried-and-True Tips for Successful Marketing Content Management

Identify and prioritize your content marketing wuth Jül Creative.Successful marketing content management is all about prioritization. However, with so much on your plate - managing social media, handling paid advertising, coordinating events and case studies, and more - how do you make sure you’re prioritizing when it comes to managing online marketing content? Keep reading for my top three tried-and-true tips for prioritizing and managing marketing content.

  • Identify & establish the ABC(D)s.
  • Determine the Code Red content.
  • Just do it.

First things first: Identify and establish the ABC(D)s.

These are the four focused questions I use to figure out what content needs to be created:

  • A is for Audience: What questions does my audience have?
  • B is for Brand: What is my business’s expertise?
  • C is for Content: What is the latest engaging, informative content that applies to my business, and how can I add my opinions and expertise to it?
  • D is for Data: What does the data say about my audience, brand, and content? What new data has come out related to my business?

After answering these questions, you can move on to prioritizing the content creation by determining the Code Red content.

Determine the Code Red content.

All content falls into one of four categories:

  • 1. Not urgent, not important.
  • 2. Urgent, not important.
  • 3. Important, not urgent.
  • 4. Urgent and important (Code Red).

You need to identify which of the content topics you’ve listed fall into the Code Red category; these are the first pieces you’ll begin work on. All the content pieces will rotate into Code Red status eventually; this keeps it organized.

Just do it.

Once you’ve identified and prioritized the content that needs to be written, the final tip is straightforward. But with a task as daunting as content writing or content management, it’s necessary to point it out: just do it. Your audience needs it! People searching for businesses like yours want it! And, your business’s online success depends on it.

Continually manage top-priority content.

There are a number of excellent options to ensure that your top-priority, Code Red content is written quickly and well. First, you could write it yourself. If you’re a good writer with expertise in the field and a solid knowledge of search engine optimization and editing, go for it. However, if yours is like almost every other marketing department out there, chances are you don’t have the time to produce quality content in-house. That’s where content curation and content marketing services can come into play.

Content marketing services like ours are focused on providing relevant, well-researched, well-written content to businesses. When done right, content marketing services will create content that blends perfectly into your existing site, including desired keywords, appropriate audience targeting, and focused, relevant content. In addition, they can also provide curated content for your site. This involves building and connecting with a network of other experts that can provide complementary relevant content to be published on your site. Both these options add quality, long-form, search-engine-optimized content to your site, which is the ultimate goal when it comes to marketing content management.

Are you looking for help from a content marketing service like Jül? Contact Jül today!

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