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Benjamin Engel

Benjamin Engel

Benjamin Y. Engel is the president and founder of Trending Up. His past experience includes the co-ownership and presidency of an overhead door, loading dock and window distributer, and portfolio company management and financial modeling with a private equity fund focused on buyouts and providing growth capital to small business and low middle market companies. He is a lifelong learner, lover of music, and coach to his kids and other business professionals, especially entrepreneurs. Benjamin is also a focused volunteer, focused on promoting, organizing and assisting with work that furthers entrepreneurship, financial literacy and homeownership in the Milwaukee community.

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How a Data-Centric Inbound Strategy Gives CEOs the Marketing Data They Want

As a CEO, you have a specific way of looking at your company’s success. You see the big picture: where you are, where you’re going, and how you need to get there. That view hinges on the ability to look at each facet of your business and see the value it brings to your company’s bottom line. A data-centric inbound marketing strategy can give you the data you’ve been looking for from your marketing investments.

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Outbound vs. Inbound: Marketing Spend vs. Marketing Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Those of you who know me well know that in a prior life I worked for a private equity company that focused on acquiring mid-size manufacturing companies.  I then became a small business owner/operator investing and running a specialized construction company.  I can tell you that it has not always been easy to make the long-term investment over the short-term instant results when it comes to marketing. Do you feel the same way?

Seeing my logo on a web banner, my name on a billboard, or hearing my voice on a radio ad made me feel like I was doing something to promote my business. So many eyeballs, and so many ears! It’s gotta be working, right?

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Do You Need a New B2B Marketing Strategy? 10 Questions to Ask

As a business leader for a B2B company, you have responsibilities company-wide: caring for your employees, making sure customers are happy, ensuring that sales are up and losses are down, and possibly most importantly, working toward a high return on all investments. In your budget, marketing most likely has one of the highest-cost line items - but it should also have one of the highest returns. Contrary to popular belief, you can have faith in your marketing department's ability to produce high, measurable returns on your investments through a successful marketing strategy.

But how do you know if it’s working?

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Why Specialized Construction Companies Need Specialized Marketing [Infographic]

Industrial construction business-to-business company marketing is a complex, two-pronged necessity for businesses today to increase lead generation.

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Attribution in Marketing: a How-To Guide from Trending Up Strategy

Marketing attribution: the quest for information and data that allows marketers to pinpoint the assisting marketing messages, formats, and channels that lead a purchasing customer to their buying decision.

To optimize your marketing investment to get the best return possible, attribution is a priority. It’s the ability to analyze the data you have to differentiate how marketing techniques affect the sales cycle, which allows you to choose how to optimize across silos to improve the end result: your bottom line.

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11 Ways Association Members Can Attribute Value to Their Membership

Attribution is a huge buzzword in the marketing space right now, and for good reason. For many companies, metrics-driven challenges (such as generating leads and proving ROI) continue to be the biggest challenges in their organizations, and they lack tools to help them track concrete results for their spends.

Similarly, members of associations struggle to attribute the results of their association membership fees. Without attribution, members don’t see the value and your association might be on the chopping block for their investment in coming years.

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3 Key Association Membership Growth & Retention Tactics

If the biggest issue you face as an association is membership retention and growth, then congratulations - you’re in the majority.

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B2B Construction Companies: Use Lead Nurturing to Stay Top of Mind

It's not common to find marketing agencies specializing in construction, but luckily, you've come to the right place to learn more. In the past, I've talked about how industrial commercial construction company marketing is complex, so construction companies, especially those in specialized industries, need specialized marketingToday's post focuses on lead nurturing, part of the conversion-to-closing process. Need a refresher? We've created this handy infographic about the inbound process and how it works for B2B construction companies.

Lead nurturing is the next step in the process after you've attracted someone to your site and converted them into a first-time lead: they've filled out a form and given you permission to communicate more with them, but they're not quite ready to purchase. Lead nurturing is what happens between conversion to a lead and closing a sale.

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Why Accountable Manufacturing Marketing Requires An Inbound Approach

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from business leaders and CEOs about marketing is the inability to draw a direct line from any one marketing line item to a lead or closed sale. Part of the reason for this frustration is because, in the past, it’s been really difficult for marketing to do this with traditional marketing methods. The other part is that there is a lack of transparency between marketing and sales, so tracking and closed-loop reporting have been all but nonexistent.

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Has Your Recruiting Caught Up to Today's Technology?

Each year Fortune Magazine publishes a list of 100 best companies to work for. The list contains industries from IT to insurance and consulting with companies such as Google, ACUITY Insurance and Mayo Clinic. For an untrained eye, it might seem that these companies do not have much in common; and yet, something behind their names keeps many jobseekers wanting to be a part of them.

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