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Specialized Construction Marketing Plan Pt 1: Defined Strategy [VIDEO]

When you’re looking for the results of this year’s marketing budget for your specialized construction business, can you easily show what’s happened with that money? Can you show the money spent, the content produced, the leads brought in, and results of those sales opportunities?

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5 Reasons for Case Studies in Commercial Contractor Marketing Plans

Marketers used to see case studies as just an added bonus – the “whipped cream” on top of everything that their company does.  If they had the time to get around to them, they were great to use to brag with.  But, I am telling you that a well-executed case study, if used correctly, is far more important than that.  It isn’t a mere brag – it is PROOF of the industry-relevant, problem solving, superhero skills that your business is wielding.

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How To Create Buyer Personas for Commercial Construction Marketing

Buyer personas are generalized, fictional characters that represent a specific segment of your ideal customer base. You’ll create a different buyer persona for each of your commercial construction buyers that may have different company titles, goals, concerns, questions, and challenges. Typically, you’ll have 2-5 personas to start with.

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