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Specialized Construction Marketing Plan Pt 1: Defined Strategy [VIDEO]

When you’re looking for the results of this year’s marketing budget for your specialized construction business, can you easily show what’s happened with that money? Can you show the money spent, the content produced, the leads brought in, and results of those sales opportunities?

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You + Inbound Marketing = <3

Well, today is the day.  The day that you, hopefully, got your act together and got that special someone in your life one of the typical, disgusting, pink and red, plush or chocolate presents.  If you haven’t gotten it already, then get your ass in gear and get to the closest drug or grocery store so you can stand in the card aisle with the rest of the assholes who forgot to pick something up and field the comments from every big-mouth person in the store, all containing the words “last” and “minute”.

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Attribution in Marketing: a How-To Guide from Trending Up Strategy

Marketing attribution: the quest for information and data that allows marketers to pinpoint the assisting marketing messages, formats, and channels that lead a purchasing customer to their buying decision.

To optimize your marketing investment to get the best return possible, attribution is a priority. It’s the ability to analyze the data you have to differentiate how marketing techniques affect the sales cycle, which allows you to choose how to optimize across silos to improve the end result: your bottom line.

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How We Rebranded Jul Creative to Trending Up [VIDEO]

You may have noticed something a little (okay, a lot) different on our site this morning. We’ve rebranded! Jül Creative is now Trending Up Sales and Marketing. If you have a few minutes, I’ll tell you the story (and if you don't, here's a video to get you started):

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How The Packers' Loss Can Be A Lesson in Sales and Marketing Strategy

“They weren’t a better team, but they played a better game.”

After the Packers’ bitter loss to the Falcons during yesterday’s division championship game, this was the sentiment that (begrudgingly) floated to the forefront of my thoughts. The Falcons weren’t an arguably better team, but yesterday, they absolutely played the game of football more successfully.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Hiring In-House vs. Outsourced Marketing Agency

A strategic role like a VP or Chief Officer of Marketing has a big impact on your business. Depending on the size of your business, a director of marketing may have just as large an impact. Hiring for this role means a long and often difficult recruiting process, with the chance that the person hired may not be a good fit or will not have the leadership qualifications promised during the interview process. Outsourcing the responsibilities of a CMO to an agency or firm may be the right choice for your marketing investment due to a few key differentiators.

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Building Website Traffic Without Forms is Like Hunting Without Bullets

As firearm hunting season in Wisconsin draws to a close this year, it’s got me thinking about all the preparation that goes into our hunt each year. From scouting, to outdoor video, to target practice, to building treestands and setting up ground blinds, we spend a significant amount of time each year preparing for a potential shot. Why would we not spend just as much or more time making sure our website is also prepared for a shot - at a new customer? Just like our hunting preparations, preparing for a website visitor takes strategy.

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