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7 Easy Social Media Tips for Food Equipment Manufacturing Companies

For some of you I can understand how you might scoff at the words “social media” and “easy” in the same sentence.  It can easily feel like a young man’s game. (Or woman’s game – didn’t mean to exclude – its just an expression.) You have to keep up with the trends and the lingo… tweeting, sending snappers, likes, pokes, bitmojis, blocking, hide from newsfeed, stop sending me game invites, I don’t want to play Farm Heroes so STOP ASKING!

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Why Cold Calling Isn't The Answer to Lead Generation

Everyone knows the story of the old salesman: a world-weathered man who lugs a suitcase of samples from door-to-door in the July heat or the November slush or slogging through his rolodex late into the night, hustling to make ends meet.  In the end, his hard work and charisma are rewarded in sales and grateful customers.  

Decades ago, making unsolicited calls to generate new business leads was effective simply because there weren't many alternatives.  But the era of the salesman has ended, and consequently, the effectiveness of marketing methods has also evolved.  While sales still requires hard work, cold calling is as outdated as Don Draper and smoking in the office.  The digital age has rendered the arduous and thankless practice of cold calling entirely obsolete.

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The Inbound Marketing Survival Guide

Summer in Wisconsin means spending the three warmest (and least likely to have snow) months outdoors taking advantage of the beautiful weather. As a kid, one of my favorite activities was my family’s annual camping trip to Door County. 

Complete with a four-hour road trip in an eight-passenger van, a massive tent, nightly campfires, and plenty of gear, the trip was quite the undertaking. There were lists (thanks, Mom!), weeks of organizing and packing, and lots of planning.

Like those camping trips, creating successful inbound strategy for B2B businesses also requires a number of essential elements. I’ve assembled the essentials here in the form of an Inbound Survival Guide, just like we created for our summer camping trips.

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Is Social Media Spending Worth the Cost for Manufacturers?

Manufacturers are increasingly looking for new ways to generate leads online. In the process, decision-makers ask tough questions about social media ROI – questions that may be hard to answer early in a brand’s digital efforts. Most boil down to this: Is social media worth it?

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Should Sales Teams Use Social Media?

I have to admit to some major annoyance lately by people trying to sell to me using social media.  Normally I’m a big proponent of social media as a business tool. Recently though, it seems like the sales pitch is in my inbox before I’ve finished clicking the “Accept” button to connect. It’s part of a bigger communication issue in our society often described like this: We don’t listen with the intent to understand; we listen with the intent to reply.  I mean, how can someone send me a sales pitch when they don’t even know what my pain point is?

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Emojis: How to Use Them Correctly in Your Content Marketing

Emojis. You've seen them in your teen's texts. Twitter and Instagram are full of them. You've probably utilized them yourself in personal communication. But what about professional communication, and even marketing - are they appropriate, and if so, how do you use them well?

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Emojis are tiny images used to depict an emotion, thought, or idea. They come preloaded on most smartphones today. As companies continue to embrace new technology and social media in their marketing strategies, more and more brands are starting to incorporate these into their communication.

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6 Steps Toward Great Content Creation

One of the fundamentals of inbound marketing is content creation. Put simply, content is the message that your inbound marketing strategy delivers to your buyer personas and customers. Without a good message, your inbound strategy won’t work the way you expect and want it to work.


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