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Samantha Lennox

Samantha Lennox

Samantha is an Inbound Marketing Coordinator with a background in design and marketing. Highly caffeinated, with a combination of tenacity and charm, she never takes herself too seriously. Loves calling Milwaukee, WI her home, playing kickball, and social media. Volunteers her free time to local nonprofits: Islands of Brilliance, Design Like Mad, and Habitat for Humanity.

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How Attraction Recruiting Changes the Game for High Volume Recruiting

As you're reading this, there are millions of HR recruiters pouring over hundreds of resumés struggling to find the right candidates to fill their open positions. Globally, 38% of employers are having difficulty filling jobs

The talent shortage is only expected to rise, putting increasing pressure on recruiting teams to source and hire highly-qualified candidates. 

It's time to ask yourself if your current recruiting strategy will attract, engage, nurture, and hire top talent, ensuring your company stays competitive and maintains serving clients? Attraction recruiting is the alternative to ineffective traditional recruiting methods.

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Email is Dead...Said No One, Ever

Email marketing is not an ancient dinosaur close to extinction. It's alive and well. With 91% of U.S. consumers accessing email daily and 40 times more effective at turning leads into customers than social media (Facebook and Twitter), there is no evidence that email marketing is dead.

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Emojis: How to Use Them Correctly in Your Content Marketing

Emojis. You've seen them in your teen's texts. Twitter and Instagram are full of them. You've probably utilized them yourself in personal communication. But what about professional communication, and even marketing - are they appropriate, and if so, how do you use them well?

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Emojis are tiny images used to depict an emotion, thought, or idea. They come preloaded on most smartphones today. As companies continue to embrace new technology and social media in their marketing strategies, more and more brands are starting to incorporate these into their communication.

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Why Manufacturers Should Blog More: Myth #2 Busted

Myth #2: The only reason for manufacturers to blog is to share news updates.

Marketing for manufacturing companies often includes a blog on a company website. But it's a common misconception that blogs are just for PR updates and not an educational resource.

If you're blogging only when you've won an award or to promote your own business, you're missing out on the benefits of blogging. Here are the top reasons you're missing out:

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Trade Show Prospecting: Misadventures of an Inbound Coordinator

Removing the Training Wheels & Riding Solo at a Local Trade Show

Recently, I was challenged to attend a local trade show - by myself. Gulp. The opportunity was the 2016 Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show, which I love. I regularly spend my weekends binge-watching Flip or Flop, To Catch a Contractor and/or Property Brothers. I fancy myself a little handy and always seem to be painting one of the rooms in my apartment. But I'm not a sales person; I'm a marketing coordinator. Hence, my nerves.

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