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Outbound vs. Inbound: Marketing Spend vs. Marketing Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Those of you who know me well know that in a prior life I worked for a private equity company that focused on acquiring mid-size manufacturing companies.  I then became a small business owner/operator investing and running a specialized construction company.  I can tell you that it has not always been easy to make the long-term investment over the short-term instant results when it comes to marketing. Do you feel the same way?

Seeing my logo on a web banner, my name on a billboard, or hearing my voice on a radio ad made me feel like I was doing something to promote my business. So many eyeballs, and so many ears! It’s gotta be working, right?

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Do You Need a New B2B Marketing Strategy? 10 Questions to Ask

As a business leader for a B2B company, you have responsibilities company-wide: caring for your employees, making sure customers are happy, ensuring that sales are up and losses are down, and possibly most importantly, working toward a high return on all investments. In your budget, marketing most likely has one of the highest-cost line items - but it should also have one of the highest returns. Contrary to popular belief, you can have faith in your marketing department's ability to produce high, measurable returns on your investments through a successful marketing strategy.

But how do you know if it’s working?

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How To Use Content to Attract Your Target Clients

No matter how big or small your sales force, your website can be working around the clock to attract leads. To do it, however, your B2B site needs great content and an effective content strategy with messaging that connects to your target clientele.

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How to Improve Membership Engagement for Your Association

So, to start off… what the hell is membership engagement? I know a lot of you might have been thinking that.  Well, that’s ok because there isn’t a clear cut answer.  Membership Engagement isn’t just the newest buzzword that people like to sling around - it’s a real thing, but it will mean something different to each association. 

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5 Reasons Why Quality Speakers Make An Impact On Your Association

We have all been through presentations with lousy speakers where we have sat patiently checking our phones, feeling like time was standing still, wondering what’s for dinner and then left feeling cheated of our time.  I don’t know about you, but I have been through enough of them where, if the time spent was combined, I could have probably hiked to Colorado and back (and enjoyed it significantly more; granted, I do like hiking).

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How to Measure Qualification of Association Membership Leads

Without members, associations would disappear; but it is important for the integrity of your association that your members are qualified and meet set standards.  So, setting up a way to measure the qualification of your potential association members is important. 

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How To Get Actionable Topics From Your Association Speakers

We have all sat through a boring presentation.  Maybe it’s a topic that we are already familiar with, maybe the topic is too far over our heads, or maybe the person giving the presentation just has your sleep number dialed in and is slowly lulling you into a coma.

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The Key to Retaining and Recruiting Contractor Association Members

Membership recruitment and retention is nothing more than building and retaining successful relationships.  So, how do you successfully create these long-lasting relationships and continue to make more of them - and grow the number of your contractor association members? 

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7 Website Tips for Successful Hunting Sales Pros to Increase Time-in-Stand

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year in Wisconsin. And if you think it’s just because of the return of the Starbucks red cup, PSL, and holiday drinks, think again (but seriously, those things are delicious). Fall is hunting season in Wisconsin, and it tends to be a favorite hobby among friends and family.

Just you and the the great northwoods (and hopefully, that 12-pointer!) make for a great week-long break. The anticipation of seeing that buck makes the time in the stand totally worth it. But if you’re anything like me, as a salesperson, there’s some hesitation that comes from taking a vacation this close to the holiday season. What if I miss a follow-up email? What if I would have just contacted a few more people this week? What if I miss a lead?

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The Buyer’s Journey: the Inbound Marketing Path to Better Business Loan Leads

Maintaining a steady pipeline of qualified, interested business loan prospects has always been a bit haphazard. There is a better way. 

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