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Key Metrics To Track For an Inbound Marketing Home Contracting Campaign

Tracking metrics is crucial for effective contractor marketing. Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized businesses engage in contractor marketing without understanding all the metrics involved, or why they matter to their bottom line. Understanding and recording metrics is crucial for optimizing marketing spend and knowing where your efforts are delivering ROI. 

Let’s look at some of the critical metrics that are keys to evaluate home contractor marketing performance:

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Inbound Marketing Strategy: A Local Home Builder Case Study

When I get started on a strategy for a client at Trending Up, the most important question I ask is "what are your goals?". Obviously, the biggest goal for a home builder (or any industry business, for that matter) is to increase profits. It's my job to put together an executable marketing strategy that will get them there. However, part of our sales process here at Trending Up is to help the client identify exact pain points they're experiencing - so by the time they sign with us and we have our first strategy meeting, they answer my question much differently. 

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The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary Home Contractor Marketing

The housing marketing has improved, and people are choosing to build and renovate homes again. Is your company taking advantage of today's buyers looking for a home builder or contractor?

Most will use combination of marketing tactics, whether it's a website, social media, trade shows, or similar media, to convert leads into customers. But how do you take your home builder or contractor marketing strategy from ordinary to extra-ordinary?

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5 Reasons for Case Studies in Commercial Contractor Marketing Plans

Marketers used to see case studies as just an added bonus – the “whipped cream” on top of everything that their company does.  If they had the time to get around to them, they were great to use to brag with.  But, I am telling you that a well-executed case study, if used correctly, is far more important than that.  It isn’t a mere brag – it is PROOF of the industry-relevant, problem solving, superhero skills that your business is wielding.

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Home Builder Marketing Costs

Many home builder marketing strategies include traditional advertising techniques, cold calling, and other outdated methods that make measuring success very difficult. As a result, home builder marketing can be a costly endeavor.

This advice for reducing costs for home builder marketing spend are based on the inbound methodology. Here at Trending Up, we’re focused on the return on your investment, and the data that support that - so, these ways of reducing marketing costs for home builders include better ways to market that will increase your quality leads, as well.

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Build A Marketing Strategy Like Your Construction Site

As a builder of homes, you're an expert in your field. You follow the same steps each time you take on a new building project. Similarly, building a marketing strategy for home builders utilizes a series of steps that can be repeated for a successful project. When marketing your home builder company, build your strategy like a building a home: start with a blueprint, a solid foundation, and framing to increase your prospect list and client base.

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Viral Marketing: 5 Keys to Big-Time Brand Awareness in the Digital Age For Home Builders

Brand awareness is one of the most important intangibles your company can have. Everyone recognizes Coke, Microsoft, and Google, for example. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you know what “promised experience” you'll get with these companies.

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A Strategic Marketing Process for Home Builders: Meet "Smarketing"

If you want crystal clear insight into buying behavior, sales qualified leads, and strategic marketing process development, “smarketing” is for you. The word might sound silly, but the concept is indispensable.  Simply, it’s the alignment of sales and marketing into a cohesive unit.

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Stages of Inbound Marketing For Home Contractors


As you know, the key is not just attracting any visitors to your website, but attracting visitors that may wind up working with you to build a beautiful home!. That means using the RIGHT kind of tools for attracting these buyers. Attracting means putting out that useful content like eBooks, blogs, and articles. If you are working in the contracting industry, you may think about “how to” content of high-level instructional information that will bring in those who are interested in home repairs. Remember, the content does not have to be just written content either—video and audio content is useful too.

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