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5 Reasons Your Commercial Contractor Marketing Plan Needs Case Studies

Marketers used to see case studies as just an added bonus – the “whipped cream” on top of everything that their company does.  If they had the time to get around to them, they were great to use to brag with.  But, I am telling you that a well-executed case study, if used correctly, is far more important than that.  It isn’t a mere brag – it is PROOF of the industry-relevant, problem solving, superhero skills that your business is wielding.

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Boost Membership Engagement for Your Association

Many of you might be wondering what the heck we mean by membership engagement.  Hey, completely understandable... but sorry to say that there isn’t a clear cut answer.  Membership Engagement isn’t just the newest buzzword that people like to sling around - it’s a real thing, but it will mean something different to each association. 

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4 Ways To Shorten Your Sales Cycle Using Inbound Marketing Tactics

Many industries are weighed down with negativity about sales cycles. Sales pros might suspect the nature of their industry makes it impossible to accelerate the cycle. They may believe they are hampered by prospects' processes or corporate culture ... or that they just “can’t make up their minds.”

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The Top 3 Tried-and-True Tips for Successful Marketing Content Management

Successful marketing content management is all about prioritization. However, with so much on your plate - managing social media, handling paid advertising, coordinating events and case studies, and more - how do you make sure you’re prioritizing when it comes to managing online marketing content? Keep reading for my top three tried-and-true tips for prioritizing and managing marketing content.

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Intelligent Marketing Grows Your Business

Experts have estimated there are more than 1 billion sites on the world wide web. Even the most specialized site has thousands of rivals. In a world where competition expands daily, how can you learn to “market smart” – ensuring your message rises to the top and gets the attention of potential customers?

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#33DaysOfStrategy: What It Is & How It Works

Today marks the start of Trending Up's #33DaysofStrategy, a celebration (and get-the-word-out-there promotion) of our latest product, the DIY Agency-Level Marketing Plan

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How To Increase Visitors To Your Company's Blog by 100%

Blogging experts agree that the #1 most important aspect of popularity is great content. But that seems like the easy part. The struggle seems to be: how do you get more people to your blog in the first place?

Business leaders struggle with how to increase blog traffic while leveraging social media – but it’s easier than it looks when you start with a strategic plan for creating content that's relevant to your ideal buyers - the ones you want to read your blog. When you start viewing the blog writing through the eyes of your prospects, you'll start increasing visitors. Here are some other tips.

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How To Create Buyer Personas for Commercial Construction Marketing

Buyer personas are generalized, fictional characters that represent a specific segment of your ideal customer base. You’ll create a different buyer persona for each of your commercial construction buyers that may have different company titles, goals, concerns, questions, and challenges. Typically, you’ll have 2-5 personas to start with.

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Specialized Construction Marketing Plan Pt 2: Create Content [VIDEO]

We recently published the first part in this series about specialized construction marketing planning. It starts with a strategic marketing plan built for specialized construction with clear goals and measurable, results-oriented tactics can help you build up a lead-generating machine for your business. 

The second step is to create and distribute content that's relevant to your target audience. Relevant content will attract this audience to your website when they're searching for solutions, and will establish trust with them when they read what you've published. 

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How To Scare Away Your Potential Customers During Negotiation

You’ve identified a quality lead, connected with them and built trust through educational, customer-centric content, and explored solutions along with them. As your buyer goes through their buyer’s journey and you've followed the steps in the Empowered Sales Methodology, the next step is clear: advise them and close the sale. But how?

There is plenty of advice out there on how to close a sale. But negotiating is the step that comes first. As a salesperson, using any of these phrases while negotiating with a quality, qualified potential customer is a great way to make them look elsewhere for a solution.

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